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    Choose Joy; Choose to be Happy

    Choose to look at the positive side of things even when you think life may be completely falling apart. Because your life might actually be coming together when you don't even realize it. It's okay to cry. Scream if you want to, but remember that you choose your attitude towards any situation. So wouldn't it be better to choose joy? Real joy.

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    Wild One Buffalo Plaid First Birthday Party

    From baby to toddler in one day. Or at least that is how quickly I felt it happened. On Sam’s first birthday I suddenly felt like my baby was gone, but this brave, smart and curious little boy was born. He started walking a month later and life changed forever. Wild One – Buffalo Plaid Sam’s favorite blanket at the time was red buffalo plaid, so we decided to make that the theme of his first birthday. That turned into the popular concept of Wild One, because I thought that the lumberjack concept that normally accompanied buffalo plaid was a little too much. We ordered a custom shirt from Etsy…

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    Tent Camping with Baby: Tips & Hacks

    Tent camping often times takes a lot of planning. Add a baby and suddenly tent camping seems impossible. Or at least that is how we felt when we thought about camping with our 11-month-old. However, creating a tub system and gathering baby essentials proved to be easier than we had first thought. I read countless blogs and took some great advice from camping moms. So here are a few of my recommendations, along with some of the best camping with kids tips from around the web. Camping Tub System If you tent camp more than once a year, you HAVE to do this. With or without kids, the tub packing…

  • How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget

    How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget

    Most moms-to-be dream of a beautiful baby shower to celebrate a new little one. That means planning a shower can get expensive quickly. Whether you are planning a shower for a friend or family, it is not easy to do on a budget.

  • Top 20 Baby Products to Simplify Your Life: 6-9 Months

    Top 20 Baby Items To Simplify Your Life: 6-9 Months

      There are thousands of baby products out there. Some of them are incredibly useful and some are a complete marketing ploy. We spent nearly $100 on a swing that Sam wanted nothing to do with, while later purchasing a $30 bouncer that literally put him to sleep instantly. So, don’t always judge a book by its cover. After much trial and error, I have compiled a list of what products you may want to consider for your 6-month-old. 1. I have to be honest, I thought this toy was overrated when I first discovered it, but I was proven wrong. It is the perfect size and shape for Sam…