How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget


Most moms-to-be dream of a beautiful baby shower to celebrate a new little one. That means planning a shower can get expensive quickly. Whether you are planning a shower for a friend or family, it is not easy to do on a budget. But don’t worry, just enjoy the experience! She will love it regardless, promise.

Here are a few tips on how to make your baby shower shine on a dime. Like what I did there? 😉


This is an obvious and simple one. Pick a theme and stay with it. My shower was a rustic baby blue theme. Simple, yet fit the venue perfectly. Which brings me to the next topic, location.

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget


Pick a location that fits your theme or simply fits your budget. Whether it is your house or a banquet hall, make sure you have enough space for your guests. Think banquet halls are too expensive? Well, we booked ours for $75 and had the space for the entire day. It was a beautiful historic building that once was an early 1900s bank. It featured original restored hardwood floors, brick walls, and even the original bank vault. A simple Google search might surprise you with beautiful affordable reception spaces.

Albany, Ind. – All Seasons Banquet Hall

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget


DIY as much as possible. Even if you aren’t a DIY pro, you will be surprised what you can accomplish. From simple fabric table runners to various decorations you already have around the house (vases, picture frames, etc.).

Below we made large ‘blocks’ with Sam’s name by simply wrapping a few boxes in wrapping paper and taping on simple letters.


How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget


Yes, you can have flowers at a baby shower and you can afford it! Just head over to your local grocery store and ask the floral department what affordable simple bouquets they have. We ordered three large bouquets of Baby’s Breath (seemed fitting) for less than $20. Using Ball Jars we already had from home, we decorated every table with Baby’s Breath bouquets.

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget


Again, head to your local grocery store. Of course, you can make it yourself, but you can also order a custom cake from the bakery department. We ordered layered round cake to serve 30 people for only $12. They even customized it exactly how I asked.

Side note, the Captin America figure was my husband’s touch.

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget


We saved a lot of money on food, realizing that we didn’t have to serve an entire meal. Just a few containers of chicken salad, pasta salad, and tuna salad, along with a few bowls of chips and a fruit platter. Everyone was happy with plenty of food left over. We didn’t have to cook or pay for expensive catering.


Use what you already have in your kitchen. Plus ask family and friends. You’ll be surprised how much you probably already have. For anything that you still need, head to the dollar store or party store. The plastic platters there actually look just fine and won’t cost you too much.

I also wanted the tables to have a set look but didn’t want to buy actual dishes (nor did I want to wash them). So we went with the simple paper variety and still set each table with them. Achieved the look I was going for at little cost.

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget


Games are a Baby Shower essential. I designed a few printables that you can download here:

Diaper Raffle – Ask each of your guests to bring a pack of diapers to be entered into a raffle (gift cards are great raffle gift ideas).

Baby Shower Bingo – As mom opens gifts, the guests can play Bingo for each gift given. They get to guess what mom will receive and play Bingo with their guesses. Keeps guests even more engaged and excited as mom is open gifts.

Baby Shower Babysitter – Each guest gets a little rubber duckie when they arrive. They have to keep it with them throughout the shower. But if they put it down, another guest can steal your duckie. So you have to be a good babysitter and not put your duckie down. The guest with the most ducks at the end of the shower wins a prize.

Baby Shower Phone Game (What’s In Your Phone?) – This is kind of like the purse game, but with your cell phone. We had men at our shower, so we went for the phone version.

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget - Baby Shower Games



This is probably the easiest part. Babies grow so quickly, so consider gifts that last as he or she grows. Need some ideas?

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Books for Baby

If mom is a book lover or simply plans on reading to her little, I would recommend asking guests to bring a book in place of a card. Cards are so expensive nowadays. So I asked my guests to bring a book and write a short note inside just like they would have on a card. Now I have an amazing collection of books for Sam.

Simply insert something like this on the shower invitations:

How to Plan a Baby Shower on a Budget - Books for Baby



Hello! I’m Kristi Kay, a marketing director of a performing arts and concert venue, Indiana native, mother to my little, Samuel Scott, and wife of a DIY expert/plumber. In college, I majored in journalism graphic design as an undergraduate and later received my masters in public relations. As a new mother, I am striving to do everything I can to spend more time with my family. Cherish the little moments because every moment is a blessing.