Choose joy
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Choose Joy; Choose to be Happy

Working full-time (and then some), raising a family and trying to start a blog on top of that was more than I had anticipated it to be. However, perseverance is my nature and I do not give up very easily. So here I am, writing for the sake of thought.

So, life may not always go according to your perfect plan. Mine hasn’t and I’m starting to realize that it’s okay. A plan is always a good foundation or structure to follow, but the real moments come from the unexpected. Take a risk no matter how small. Make the simple choice to choose joy. If you are not happy with a situation, you are the only one that can change that. Choose joy. Choose to smile. Choose to look at the positive side of things even when you think life may be completely falling apart. Because your life might actually be coming together when you don’t even realize it. It’s okay to cry. Scream if you want to, but remember that you choose your attitude towards any situation. So wouldn’t it be better to choose joy? Real joy.

When challenges face us like they are facing me, I am choosing to be happy. I am choosing joy in my life. Is it really that bad? No, it’s not. Take a moment to write down what you are thankful for. Try not to think about objects. A house is great. Food is wonderful. However, try to think about those real things that make you smile: moments, people, talents, opportunities, and feelings.

So, when I think about what I am grateful for, I think of my son and every moment and ounce of joy he has given me since he was the size of a peanut. I think of my husband and the sense of strength and determination he has shown me. I think of my parents and the love and hope that have always given me. I think of my job and the opportunities to and sense of accomplishment it gives me every day.

Choose Joy
Make a change in your life to be happier

Hello! I’m Kristi Kay, a marketing director of a performing arts and concert venue, Indiana native, mother to my little, Samuel Scott, and wife of a DIY expert/plumber. In college, I majored in journalism graphic design as an undergraduate and later received my masters in public relations. As a new mother, I am striving to do everything I can to spend more time with my family. Cherish the little moments because every moment is a blessing.